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The tropical environment combined with extremely high utility rates, provides a steady need for new, refurbished, and more efficient electrical systems. Tropitech provides electrical engineering services for power distribution, controls, and renewable energy as well as provide specific “niche” products to large residential, commercial, industrial, and utility clients.

A few reasons why Tropitech is your best option:

  • High quality services delivered on time.
  • Quick response customer service.
  • Solid reputation with architects, engineers, government agencies, and past clients.
  • High quality products with engineering and technical local support.
  • Close working relationships with high quality manufacturers and suppliers that support the product and Tropitech.
  • Consumer education. 

Although, there are electrical engineers in the Virgin Islands, most are employed by the utility and then there are a few working for other government agencies or a large commercial corporation. Tropitech meets a vastly needed “niche” market by providing electrical engineering services locally in lieu of having to outsource services to Puerto Rico or U.S. firms. Tropitech understands and has experience with the challenges of the tropical environment, public and private agencies and electrical standards for Small Island Nations. Our proficiency with financial, logistical, cultural and local political hurdles ensure project success while maintaining project schedule and budget.

To take advantage of this, Tropitech provides electrical engineering services that are on time at a lower cost for the client. Tropitech also has the advantage of being a USVI licensed professional engineer (required for permits) that understands the local rules, regulations, and government guidelines and policies.