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Surge & Volt Protection


Small island grid systems all share common power quality issues. Due to the financial costs associated with the small island generation, the USVI no longer operates with a “spinning reserve”. These factors all contribute to voltage sags, brownouts, power surges, and sometimes phase loss.

Although common in industrial applications, many commercial and large residential properties either do not have voltage and surge protection or ineffective or sometime incorrect equipment for this protection.

This protection equipment is often mis-understood and clients as well as electrical contractors often provide whatever is available. This scenario prompted Tropitech to find high quality and commercially proven products for these applications.

Voltage protection for industrial and many commercial applications is provided through mainstream electrical manufacturers such as Schneider Electric, Siemens, and GE. However, simpler applications need a more economical solution.


ATC Diversified Electronics

Although ATC Diversified Electronics (ATC) supplies voltage relay and protection systems for all types of systems, Tropitech uses their products that specifically address the simpler systems discussed. 


They have solid state voltage monitors and relays for buildings or specific equipment. ATC is a widely known manufacturer and has the products and technical support Tropitech requires. ATC has provided high quality and reliable voltage and current monitoring and protection products for over 50 years. They are now a division of Marsh BelloFram, an international company founded in the United States in 1865.




DS250E 400

 After extensive research, Tropitech selected Citel (founded in 1937) as the supplier for surge protection. Citel does have a higher priced product than most, but they have a higher quality product than most and has a 10-year product warranty. We feel that the investment is worth the cost as surges damage a lot of equipment in our client’s facilities. Tropitech provide surge protection utilizing Citel products for large residential, commercial, and industrial.